Dear Residents, 
As discussed in the CDD Board Meeting on June 19
th, below is an update on the progress of solving the drainage issues along the easterly property boundary (near the “haul road”) of Amelia Walk. A formal update will be provided at the next CDD meeting, but below is progress to date. 
Both the CDD Engineer and multiple representatives of the CDD, and the contractor on site have reviewed and walked the areas of concern along the easterly boundary multiple times. The CDD Engineer has made a formal recommendation on the repair. In summary, this solution involves a few key items: 
  • the cleaning the two outfall locations (one to the south and one to the north) to ensure sufficient flow capacity is achieved and maintained;
  • The swale system along the easterly boundary will be repaired, re-graded, and stabilized to provide adequate routing of stormwater to the outfall locations;
  • Pipes will be replaced and up-sized at the northerly culvert connecting the haul road swale to the northerly outfall
The contractor on site will be doing some immediate work. The timeline expected to complete the work is roughly three weeks.  
We will continue to update the community through email and the CDD website.